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Automotive Knowledge

The best automotive support we can offer you if knowledge. If you understand whats going on with you car you can better understand when to bring it in for repair, and avoid a major break down. So here is a some small advice for you:

Preventative maintenance-

Possibly the best way to insure your car with have problems in the future is to ignore basic preventative maintenance. Not checking your oil, air filter, tire pressure, or brakes will lead to very costly repairs down the road. Taking the time to have you oil and filter change every 5,000-10,000 (based on you vehicle) is the easiest insurance you can give yourself. Your car cost thousands of dollars, don’t let the relatively low cost of doing preventative maintenance turn into a major cost down the road.

My check engine light came on?-

Check engine lights can mean just about anything, and just because it comes on doesn’t mean something serious is wrong. If your car drives fine, and doesn’t feel different it doesn’t mean you should ignore it though. A common issue is a faulty sensor somewhere. If you continue to drive around you could end up wasting fuel, and eventually causing more damage. Check engine lights are usually an easy problem diagnose as well. All the technicians have to do is plug a computer into your vehicle, and your car will tell then why the lights on. Moral of the story is don’t ignore a check engine light. If one pops up stop by for a quick diagnostic, and then you can determine if you want to fix it or not.

My brakes squeak?-

Normally if your brakes squeak or squeal when you’re coming to a stop it means it’s time to replace at least your brake pads. The squeak sound is actually a warning indicator built into the brake pads to tell you its time to replace them. It doesn’t mean something is broken or wrong… yet. If you ignore that warning the squeak will turn into a grinding sound… When it does that you’ve waited to long and are now causing damage to you brake system as well as putting yourself at risk of brake failure. Other reasons for brakes squeaking is improper installation of brake pads, or something getting caught it the break pads.



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