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The PAW Difference

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Here at PAW we strive to be the best auto repair shop in Santee. We offer the same quality repair service as any dealership without the big dealership cost. We treat our customers like family, and do our best to insure your visit goes as smooth as possible. We use state of the art equipment to carry out each and every repair to insure the job is done to the best of any standard, and for your added security we WARRANTY our work up to 36,000 miles!

Red Auto Protection Plans

We offer Red Auto Protection Plans that usually cover the same if not more than an Extended Auto Warranty and is offered through a third party administrator, who is in turn insured by an insurance company through a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP). This CLIP protects our customers in the unlikely event that the third party administrator would go out of business or stop paying claims, the insurance company would immediately step in and pay the claims.

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Sometimes bad things happen to your car. We do our very best to offer you a price the is fair, but even then repairs can get expensive. If an unexpected car problem happens we offer financing through Car Care One. This give you the option of being able to make payments on any large car repair the may come up unexpectedly without you having to break the bank.

Fleet Service-                         DSC_0050111

We offer fantastic fleet service packages. Fleet vehicle are the life blood of any mobile busy, and a broken fleet vehicle can cost in more ways then one. We can help your fleet stay rolling longer, and when a break down does happen we’ll get you back on the road faster.

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